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Volunteer Program

General Information

Volunteer Program Contact

Jennifer Loughren, Volunteer Coordinator
1145 Grand Ave
Manchester, IA 52057
563-927-3515 ext. 411

Welcome to the Volunteer Program at West Delaware Schools. We’re looking for all persons willing to volunteer in any way. When we find out where, when, and how often you’d like to help we can use that information to match you with the needs of teachers and staff. Whether you have a little or a lot of time regularly or one-time only, we need you. We’d like to have parents, grandparents, high school and college students, retired persons, and area business employees for various jobs in and out of the classroom. Together we can make our school district better than ever and strengthen our community spirit at the same time.

General Information

If you’d like to register to be a volunteer please print off these forms to return to Jennifer Loughren, District Volunteer Coordinator.

West Delaware Vision


Multiple individuals at all levels demonstrate respect, trust, and integrity while working interdependently toward our goals.

Strategic Objectives

  • By supporting and teaching positive student behavior
  • By supporting and teaching appropriate social interactions
  • By enhancing adult to adult connections and communications

Challenging Academics

Educators use effective instructional practices to actively engage students in diverse learning opportunities that require critical thinking and problem solving in real world contexts.

Strategic Objectives

  • By deepening knowledge of instructional strategies
  • By intensifying active student engagement in rigorous and relevant content learning
  • By strengthening systems of teacher to teacher support, including Professional Learning Community, teacher leadership system, and multi-tiered systems of support

21st Century Skills

Students will acquire competencies necessary for 21st century living by developing skills in the areas of civic life, health, finance, technology and career readiness.

Strategic Objectives

  • By creating learning experiences in a real world context
  • By developing and applying career readiness skills