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West Delaware Hawks Volleyball

All-State Players:

2020 Ella Koloc JR L 1st Team
2020 Ava Hauser SR OH 2nd Team
2020 Carlee Smith JR S Honorable Mention
2019 Macey Kleitsch SR S 1st Team
2019 Ella Koloc SO L 2nd Team
2019 Kinley Kolbet SR MB Honorable Mention
2018 Macey Kleitsch JR S 1st Team
2018 Claire Demmer SR MB 2nd Team
2017 Claire Demmer JR MB 3rd Team
2016 Haley Lyness SR OH 2nd Team
2016 Jade Putz SR L Honorable Mention
2015 Bridget Hoffmann SR MB 1st Team
2015 Carlee Ketchum SR S 1st Team/4A Player of the Year/Elite Team/Elite Team Player of the Year/Gatorade Player of the Year
2015 Kristen Wegmann SR OH 1st Team
2015 Mariah Kleitsch SR L Honorable Mention
2014 Carlee Ketchum JR S 1st Team
2014 Emily Thole SR L 1st Team
2014 Addison Brooks JR MB 2nd Team
2014 Kristen Wegmann JR OH Honorable Mention
2013 Paige Soppe SR OH 2nd Team
2013 Emily Thole JR L Honorable Mention
2012 Leslie Hoffmann SR MB 1st Team
2011 Amanda Bries SR L 2nd Team
2011 Mackenzie Harbaugh SR S 2nd Team
2011 Rayne Cook SR MB Special Mention
2010 Mackenzie Harbaugh JR RH 3rd Team
2010 Jenna Hermsen JR S 2nd Team
2010 Allison Pasker SR MB 1st Team
2010 Dani Sweet SR L 3rd Team
2009 Jenna Hermsen JR S 3rd Team
2009 Allison Pasker JR MB 2nd Team
2008 Emily Havertape SR OH 2nd Team
2008 Tess Reinig SR OH Special Mention
2007 Kayla Bries SR L 2nd Team
2007 Emily Heffernen SR MB 1st Team/3A Player of Year/Elite Team
2007 Tess Wegner SR S Special Mention
2006 Katlyn Heiserman SR L 1st Team
2006 Katie Wessels SR MB 1st Team/Elite Team
2006 Emily Heffernen JR MB 2nd Team
2006 Katie Murphy SR S 2nd Team
2005 Katie Wessels JR MB 2nd Team
2005 Katlyn Heiserman JR L Honorable Mention
2004 Morgan Salow SR MB 1st Team
2004 Ashten Stelken SR MB 1st Team/Elite Team
2004 Lindsey Murphy SR S 2nd Team
2003 Morgan Salow JR MB 1st Team
2003 Ashten Stelken JR MB 2nd Team
2003 Abby Lahr SR OH 3rd Team
2003 Lindsey Murphy JR S Special Mention
2000 Elizabeth Carr SR MB Speical Mention
1999 Elizabeth Carr JR MB 5th Team
1997 Dawn DeShaw SR S Special Mention
1997 Angie Klostermann SR MB Special Mention
1996 Angie Klostermann JR MB 4th Team
1996 Shannon Cook SR MB Special Mention


Home of the 2015 State Champions

2020, 2014, 2010, 2006, 2004, & 2003 State Runner-Up

2019 & 2007 State Semifinalist

2018, 2013, 2012 & 2008 State Qualifier