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West Delaware Hawks Volleyball

All-State Players:

2022 Alivia Schulte SR OH 1st Team
2021 Ella Koloc SR L 1st Team
2021 Alivia Schulte JR OH 2nd Team
2021 Carlee Smith SR S 3rd Team
2020 Ella Koloc JR L 1st Team
2020 Ava Hauser SR OH 2nd Team
2020 Carlee Smith JR S Honorable Mention
2019 Macey Kleitsch SR S 1st Team
2019 Ella Koloc SO L 2nd Team
2019 Kinley Kolbet SR MB Honorable Mention
2018 Macey Kleitsch JR S 1st Team
2018 Claire Demmer SR MB 2nd Team
2017 Claire Demmer JR MB 3rd Team
2016 Haley Lyness SR OH 2nd Team
2016 Jade Putz SR L Honorable Mention
2015 Bridget Hoffmann SR MB 1st Team
2015 Carlee Ketchum SR S 1st Team/4A Player of the Year/Elite Team/Elite Team Player of the Year/Gatorade Player of the Year
2015 Kristen Wegmann SR OH 1st Team
2015 Mariah Kleitsch SR L Honorable Mention
2014 Carlee Ketchum JR S 1st Team
2014 Emily Thole SR L 1st Team
2014 Addison Brooks JR MB 2nd Team
2014 Kristen Wegmann JR OH Honorable Mention
2013 Paige Soppe SR OH 2nd Team
2013 Emily Thole JR L Honorable Mention
2012 Leslie Hoffmann SR MB 1st Team
2011 Amanda Bries SR L 2nd Team
2011 Mackenzie Harbaugh SR S 2nd Team
2011 Rayne Cook SR MB Special Mention
2010 Mackenzie Harbaugh JR RH 3rd Team
2010 Jenna Hermsen JR S 2nd Team
2010 Allison Pasker SR MB 1st Team
2010 Dani Sweet SR L 3rd Team
2009 Jenna Hermsen JR S 3rd Team
2009 Allison Pasker JR MB 2nd Team
2008 Emily Havertape SR OH 2nd Team
2008 Tess Reinig SR OH Special Mention
2007 Kayla Bries SR L 2nd Team
2007 Emily Heffernen SR MB 1st Team/3A Player of Year/Elite Team
2007 Tess Wegner SR S Special Mention
2006 Katlyn Heiserman SR L 1st Team
2006 Katie Wessels SR MB 1st Team/Elite Team
2006 Emily Heffernen JR MB 2nd Team
2006 Katie Murphy SR S 2nd Team
2005 Katie Wessels JR MB 2nd Team
2005 Katlyn Heiserman JR L Honorable Mention
2004 Morgan Salow SR MB 1st Team
2004 Ashten Stelken SR MB 1st Team/Elite Team
2004 Lindsey Murphy SR S 2nd Team
2003 Morgan Salow JR MB 1st Team
2003 Ashten Stelken JR MB 2nd Team
2003 Abby Lahr SR OH 3rd Team
2003 Lindsey Murphy JR S Special Mention
2000 Elizabeth Carr SR MB Speical Mention
1999 Elizabeth Carr JR MB 5th Team
1997 Dawn DeShaw SR S Special Mention
1997 Angie Klostermann SR MB Special Mention
1996 Angie Klostermann JR MB 4th Team
1996 Shannon Cook SR MB Special Mention


Home of the 2021 & 2015 State Champions

2020, 2014, 2010, 2006, 2004, & 2003 State Runner-Up

2019 & 2007 State Semifinalist

2018, 2013, 2012 & 2008 State Qualifier